it's time to

go solar.

Hybrid and off-grid solar energy solutions for 

every budget and application

Our Services

Cooperative Solar System Design

Our streamlined process allows you to highlight the particular criteria of your project. We then work together with you to determine the feasibility of the best options for your project.

Equipment Procurement

Solar requires several components and options can get confusing. Coupled with rising cost and high minimum volumes, equipment is largely inaccessible to most. We offer wholesale pricing on a wide range of products that we've vetted to be the best.

Installation Guidance

Once you select, purchase, and receive your package, we will help you safely navigate the installation process and make it a breeze.

“I had no idea how solar worked, but I knew what I wanted it to do for my family. The Go Solar team helped me develop a plan for for a quarter of the cost. They were there every step of the way - I can't believe it was so easy for me to install. Now I'm the expert!”

Jane Miller


We're all about making solar simpler and cheaper.

Solar is new technology. A web search can get most to the point they understand what solar is and why do it – but nowhere close to figuring out how to actually do it, let alone cost effectively. 

This is where we come in – we are energy experts dedicated to flexible, accommodative consultation tailored to your needs. This is as much a journey for us as it is for you; let’s see how to make solar work for you!


Whether you’re curious about our process, a free assessment, or even just to chat, we’re here to answer any questions.